Founder & CEO

Aras Karacan

Expert in the field of e-marketing, managing search engines, preparing plans and marketing campaigns on search engines and social media platforms of all kinds, in a manner that suits the commercial activities of companies and contributes to achieving their objectives.

Aras Karacan, a Turkish national of Palestinian origin, born in 1990, residency in Turkey – Istanbul, graduated from the UNRWA Faculty of Commerce with a major in Commerce and Business Administration. Then he went to the labor market in the administrative field since 2010 AD, and through his movement between small, medium and large companies, he became certain that during the coming period, companies will be completely dependent on the media and electronic aspect in the management and marketing of the company and its products.

He started in the world of media and network marketing actually since 2012 AD and continues until now. He has worked and trained many people and partners, including small, medium and large ones, in many countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Aras Vision

For Aras Media to be the best in its field in advertising, electronic marketing and the field of design of all kinds. I also strive to achieve this according to the best standards of quality, professionalism and high experience, and search for the best specialists in this field from marketers, programmers and designers who have a passion and love for their specialization to reach Together to the goal and success.